We at Shaw Law & Associates aim to provide our clients with the highest quality of legal representation at an affordable price. We know that dealing with legal matters are often stressful, as the law presents many complex issues that may be frustrating to the untrained legal eye. Here, we offer a variety of services dealing with everything from starting your business, defending yourself or your business, to protecting your family. Our attorneys will treat you with the respect you deserve and help you navigate the system with exceptional legal representation and advocacy. We will always prioritize the client's best interests while remaining honest and transparent. Shaw Law & Associates will do everything in their power to secure your peace of mind. 


Brittany J. Shaw

Born in North Carolina, but mostly raised in Chicagoland, Attorney Shaw has dedicated her life to becoming "the People's Advocate". Her roots in both the South and Midwestern regions has allowed her to connect with legal professionals in various states to assist her in studying many areas of law with the goal of becoming a more well-rounded advocate.


Brittany received her J.D. from Saint Louis University School of Law in 2019. During law school, Brittany interned with Federal judges, the Federal and State Public Defender's Office,  various private firms and several non-profit agencies.

Her drive for hands-on experience and dedication to protecting and ensuring the rights of others allowed her to obtain the skills necessary to represent you effectively during the legal process.