Shaw Law & Associates is a general practice firm with a focus in Criminal, Family and Small Business Law. Attorney Britt Shaw is dedicated to serving the needs of you and your community in the most efficient and effective manner. We are confident that we will be able to assist you with a variety of legal matters. 


One of our top priorities is being able to assist you and your family during difficult and often uncertain times. Our Family practice focuses on a wide array of family law topics including: Divorce, Child Support, Custody, Parenting Time, Allocation of Parental Responsibilities and Mediation. Attorney Britt Shaw will walk you through the course of your case while remaining efficient, honest, and transparent. 


Shaw Law and Associates is well-suited to handle the task of defending the rights of the Accused. If you or a loved one are facing the woes of a criminal charge, please contact our office as soon as practicable. Every moment becomes critical at the time of arrest. We are dedicated to making sure that the Constitution is upheld at every stage of prosecution and at anytime thereafter. At Shaw Law and Associates, you are guaranteed a quality  and zealous defense. 

 Small Business

Thinking about starting a business? No problem. We are here for most of your business needs, whether you are forming an LLC, forming a simple partnership, merging with an existing business or even engaging in general contracting with other parties. It is our goal to assist you in spotting and resolving all potential legal issues associated with running a business before it's too late. 

 Personal Injury

Life comes at you fast. When it does, do not hesitate to contact our office for an assessment of your situation. Whether you have been involved in an automobile accident or have been injured by an entity or another person, we are here to lend a listening ear and determine how to best go about righting the wrongs of those who caused or contributed to your injury. 


Shaw Law and Associates has an abundance of resources to assist you when you are in need of housing assistance. If you have received or are in danger of receiving an eviction notice,  please reach out to our office as soon as possible. Shelter is a basic life necessity and it is our goal to help you maintain it to protect you and your family.